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As they say: "My home is my castle". Everyone should feel at home in complete safety and be sure that the period of time when he was away (for example, went to the store, went to work, went on vacation) and came back in the housing will not penetrate the thieves and not cleaned it. The main "defender" of any apartment / house is the front door. It is the main barrier to intruders and guarantee the preservation of acquired by overwork property. But then the logical question is: "her right to choose?". This is what we will talk further and tell us about the features of choosing a front door employee guardian : .

to Choose the doors to your house should not on the basis of their appearance, and on the basis of their characteristics, which must meet the following criteria:

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation. High-quality exterior doors feature a layer of insulation that prevents heat loss and penetration of noise;
  • Resistance to all kinds of influences, including max protection of housing from cracking;
  • Reliable locking mechanism. That along with a quality lock to ensure maximum security, the design has to be very sophisticated;
  • the front door should have glass or peephole, directly through which people can see everyone who wants to enter his house. Some customers order the installation of video surveillance system.

it is Clear that the front door is mandatory in the 1st place, should be reliable and durable, also more important, and aesthetics. Now to choose a reliable and beautiful front door that is not a problem. Manufacturers offer a variety of high quality products with attractive and interesting design.

in addition, I must say that previously, the most common were wooden doors. To this day, this material is considered to be the traditional but the most reliable are metal doors that are in the process of operation does not deform + if hacking it is very difficult to cause any damage.

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