The front door to the apartment: How to choose?


today, to purchase the entrance door will not be easy, because the market presented a huge variety of models from different manufacturers for every taste and "purse". But with 2nd hand, with such a variety of different problem arises how to choose them correctly?

There are a couple of nuances that directly we should pay attention, choosing a front door and tell us about them employee of the online store that you can buy a quality front door to the apartment is from the plant "guardian"


Entrance doors: Key features

high-Quality entrance door should have the following characteristics:

  1. Reliability. That is, it must defend the apartment from the intellectual and the brute hacking, to have a strong lock and procno design;
  2. Have a glass window or door viewer (that is, to provide access to the review site from the outside);
  3. Good insulation. Quality insulation keeps the room cool in summer and warm in the winter, and excellent sound insulation will protect from outside noise;
  4. Beautiful appearance. It should go well with the interior. interior design of your hallway, and in the case of private houses to match an external architectural style of the house.

Wood vs metal

mainly in the manufacture of doors, use 2 material metal and wood. Most reliable now are the doors made of steel, because this material better than the rest resists brute force.
is Often combined a couple of materials such as, fiberboard, wood, plywood or particle Board, etc. But in modern conditions, wood doors are almost irrelevant, which is why mostly people install a steel front door.


Door box

a Very important point when choosing a front door is a door frame, which can be difficult (bent profile), and simple (from welded sheet steel).


Hardware (hinges, peephole, lock, etc.)

Hardware significantly affects the level of security of the apartment. The best option would be to install 2 locks (lever and cylinder).

Loop - this is 1 of the weakest points in the design of the door as if you want them you can cut off grinder on the seams or embossing with a sledgehammer. This flaw can be eliminated by using protivosemnye pins.

Door viewer should provide max possible angle.

Also, no harm will be assembling the backlight keyhole.


Exterior decor and Finishing

For many people, the appearance of the door is also an important factor in the choice. But in reality, it all depends on the budget of buying. The main material of the exterior coating was resistant to external factors and reliable.

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