What are discount coupons (promo codes)?

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promotion Code or discount coupon is a set of symbols which allows you to pay for made in the online stores the orders at a lower price than other buyers. Honestly, this is the most popular way to save money while shopping, and this is a good opportunity to get nice bonuses, such as some original gifts!


Where can you find promotional codes?

You can always get a coupon for a discount on specialized sites (by the way, current promotions and Nov can be found on the website https://better.com.ua/promo-coupons). Usually they post the promo codes from online stores to buy themselves a variety of goods. Or right to purchase desired goods in your chosen online store has already discounted products.


What are the different types of promotional codes?

  1. discount Code or promotional code. It gives the opportunity to buy a particular product at a small price. This discount is often presented in monetary terms or as a percentage. If said in other words, it could be a discount, which is expressed in a certain amount or percentage (e.g. 25 %);
  2. Discount on delivery. This code gives you the opportunity to save money and sometimes you are not going to pay shipping;
  3. Discount on gift. Very often the code on the gift is used with the accompanying products, including in order to advertise a particular product. For example, very often give samples as a gift after purchase of any cosmetics.

the Main reason that there will be discount coupons is of course the competition. Now the Internet in every consumer fighting a lot of online sellers. Any online store interested in the fact that many buyers choose only the goods. This is why using of discounts on the goods you can buy a quality item with huge discount. It is also important to know that the online store interested in the fact that the same buyer bought the item a second time, and even better to became a permanent reusable by the purchaser.



Today, the discount coupons or promotional codes play a very important role in the life of the store, so in the life of any buyer. If you want to buy quality things at a discount, the first thing you need to watch out for those stores that offer promo codes, or discount coupons. Pleasant to you of purchases and good discounts!

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