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a Promotional campaign is a specific set of actions whose main purpose is the creation of advertising services or products among potential buyers. Next, we consider what are the varieties of promotions and tell us about them, the site editor .

Directly impact on clients, promotional campaign are:

  1. incentive;
  2. and information.

the Main difference between these 2 types of human exposure lies in the ways of their implementation. For example, information impact on your potential customers is nothing but a visual acquaintance with the goods, ie, conduct various tests and tastings. And stimulating effect is the element of action directed on promotion of new products, thanks to the attractive conditions of acquisition, i.e., discounts, gifts, additional services or products when specific conditions for the acquisition of new products that are beginning actively to promote in the market. This kind of impact on clients, also called the stimulation of sales.

Different actions carried out in a short time, and often directly in the field of trade. Doing it on purpose, in order to cause the buyer a sense that he had a unique opportunity to purchase any service or product. This suggests that the shares are not applied consistently. Quite often they are held during major holidays or at the beginning of a new season. Such actions can be oriented to both sales staff and commercial intermediaries, and consumers.

Information kind of promotion is very simple but less efficient than stimulating as the stimulation of sales, and included a psychological factor. I.e. the client is very happy that he had purchased some goods at half price or even free. In addition, sales promotion is a great addition to advertising.



sales promotion of manufacturers can assist customers contests, conducting fairs, exhibitions and product presentations as well as reduce the cost of goods due to their revaluation. Depending on who specifically addressed to such actions, they can be divided into:

  • consumer (aimed at promotion of goods to the ultimate buyer);
  • commercial (directed to Resellers).

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