Custom metal doors


If the doorways are custom sizes, you must order the original door. Company OOO "SMK" takes orders for manufacture of all doors with Gager at. Margins that is not produced. The customer is offered to choose one of the designs with a certain degree of protection, quantity of locks, with additional elements of protection: reinforced hinges with protivosemom, the gain in area of lock plate of metal with manganese additives, the outer sheet of 1.5-3 mm. thickness, protivosemnye pins, armored plates, the locking system of the type "crab".

There are options for fire doors. If a custom door was ordered , guaranteed the durability of all doors, leaks, exclusive exterior trim. Term of manufacturing of doors 3-4 days. Payment can be made via Bank services, cash or take a loan. The design of all products will ensure the safety of warmth, eliminate condensation on the metal surface of the door, keep silence in the room.

All types of doors regardless of the protection class are of solid construction with stiffeners, bearing hinges from Italy or Russia, anti-theft device. Exterior finish: MDF panel, vinyl-skin, metal door panel, powder coated sheet metal, veneering, colouring. All the finishes are attractive, with excellent decorative characteristics - a design for every taste. The reliability of the door defines design developed taking into account different degrees of burglary:

  • Gotovina on the corners of the frame;
  • bent design with 2 contours of the seal;
  • the design of the frame on the basis of the profile tubes;
  • glucosuria with a solid protivosemom;
  • bent solid protivosemom.
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