Pitfalls of professional translation activities

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Not many people know that professional translation is not only the localization of documents or literary texts into the language of the country of the customer such work. Often such a process requires not only technical skills, but experience and individuality of the performer. Actually, that's why the reputable linguists and technical experts on transfer are so popular. Their personal contribution to the process of translation is the result of the execution of the order truly unique. To trace this possible by analyzing reviews of works of this author, as . On the Internet you will easily find relevant materials for thematic queries.

so what is So unique translation? First and foremost, the worldview of the artist. No matter how simple was not the language of the original, it still belongs to another culture. Often this particular detail becomes the cornerstone of the entire work as a whole. What foreign author seemed quite normal and natural may be not accepted by the domestic reader. The work of a true professional is to adapt the information, preferably without the use of footnotes and information boxes. In practice the process is complex and laborious. One mistake can cause serious impact both on the customer and the reputation of the performer. Another striking example of localization of popular books on overbought rights to the publication. The change of name of the main character creates a real riot on the market literary works.

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