The main varieties of bracelets

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since ancient times, bracelets were used to decorate the feet and hands, they were also a symbol of wealth. Today there are 2-ve basic types of bracelets:

  • soft,
  • hard.

Let us now consider these types in more detail and tells us about them :


Main types soft bracelets:

  1. Glicemia. This bracelets, which consist of Gligorov (individual elements) that are United either by elastic springs, or hinge manner;
  2. Woven. Are products made by the method of weaving leather strips, shoelaces or thread.
  3. Chain. This bracelets chain all kinds of weaving.

Main variety hard bracelets:

  • articulated;
  • the
  • spring;
  • the
  • closed.

Basic form hard bracelets:

  1. Snake. A spring-loaded bracelet that has a spiral form;
  2. In the form of the open ring. A spring-loaded bracelet that has no clasps;
  3. Round (rim). This product without fasteners, which has the form of a closed ring.

the Basic model of rigid bracelet:

  • In the form of the open ring. It is metal or plastic;
  • tennis. It is a round, thin bracelet, which has a 1-in, or a couple of locks;
  • Plastic. This bracelet can be round or have the form of an open ring;
  • Handcuff. This bracelet is round shaped, which consists of a few parts, connected in turn, hinges. It can also be equipped with a chain, which is suitable for connection to a clutch bag;
  • Wooden. He look good with clothes that performed in the style of "ethno". This bracelet can be made from either light or dark wood without covering + as decor have: painting, carving or notching;
  • Round metal. These bracelets are made from: copper, titanium, gold, platinum, bronze, palladium, silver, steel, and other alloys. They are hollow or solid, and their surface is covered with engraved designs or polished;
  • Snake. This bracelet has been popular since ancient times.Today snake in the brand design has enamel or gold scales, emerald, sapphire or ruby eyes, and diamond elements.

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