Microsurgical operation for varicocele - a new method

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Eliminate such problems with men's health varicocele is an important challenge for urologists. Except that this pathology creates discomfort and pain, it leads to infertility. Therefore, specialists constantly make efforts to improve the methods of its treatment.

What makes the technique of Marmara

to get Rid of varicocele is possible only through surgical intervention. There are several techniques of surgery to remedy. They are all effective in varying degrees. If there is no direct indications to the specific operation, the advantage given to operations using methods of Marmara. She was considered the most gentle, giving the minimum number of relapses. The postoperative period through its application, flows easily and quickly, the likelihood of complications is minimal. After the cut remains a small scar. This surgery differs from other techniques for correcting a varicocele best rates. Distinguished by a low traumatism of the operation of Marmara is still a small percentage of relapses and complications. Before urologists task was to develop a technique by which he would become zero with the complete elimination of cosmetic defect in the form of a scar. They managed brilliantly to solve it, developed a new technique.

What is different about the improved methods?

made using cutting-edge optical equipment. Thanks to him, the surgeon has the opportunity to see the veins that require correction. Make a micro-incision on the scrotum and not in the groin. The maximum precision of the overview of the surgical field eliminates the possibility of damage to other vessels. In this operation the venous blood outflow is not blocked. The body is able to rebuild without suffering. This operation ends with putting a cosmetic seam that becomes invisible after some time. Patient recovery is fast and effective.

Advanced technique allows to achieve high results in the treatment of varicocele. With its help it is possible to eliminate the pathology at any stage of development. It allows you to relieve the patients from suffering, to restore fertility. After the patients are no longer experiencing pain and discomfort, I feel completely healthy.

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