When the child is better to teach English?


English is the most popular language in our time. That is why many parents start early or too late to think about English education of their children. Every child perceives differently the early learning of a foreign language (everything individually). Some of the children easily learn your favorite words and phrases, others with great difficulty to remember even the letters. But in both cases it is very important to pinch the children a love for the English. And after a while the child will surprise you with great results.

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What are the main benefits of learning English at an early age?

the Child can best learn a foreign language from an early age, because:

  • To 6 years of age almost all children easily learn any languages (this is due to the fact that the child at this age is doing everything unconsciously, that is, they all listen to passively, and then reproduce many of the words directly in his speech);
  • At this age, children learn English without any rules, that is, they are not afraid to speak and don't think about what can make a mistake;
  • Adults are more inhibited in the study of any foreign language, which is not true about children - they just love to talk, and not think about the consequences;
  • In the small age, the child has a good memory, so up to 5 years all children remember foreign words faster. All they learn bad words from 1st times, can not be said about the good. For this reason, it is better the child to learn foreign words, they are interesting and memorable.


Learning English is a very important stage in every person's life, not just adult. To learn English it is best from an early age, because children quickly remember, easy to pronounce and previously obtained very good results.

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