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Facial massage: What you need to know?


of the many types of massage massage of the face not paying enough attention. And this is a wrong trend, because these massages are essential for health skin. The procedure of facial massage offer almost all Spa salons of Kiev and other cities.

the History massage techniques of the face began in a very ancient time. It is known that in ancient Egypt the country of pharaohs used it to support youthful skin. The first scientific justification for the use of the face massage was given by a famous ancient Arabic physician and healer Avicenna. The huge popularity of this procedure in European countries especially in Ancient Greece.

skin Preparation before procedure

Before you begin the massage, the technician should prepare the skin. First, he cleanses the face from makeup. Razmarivaet the skin then a hot towel to open pores.You can also apply a nourishing cream or oil to make it easier to massage and to avoid the formation of folds.

Technique of facial massage

As already mentioned, traditional methods of facial massage known to us from time immemorial. But time does not stand still and therefore improved and the technique of massage, there are different types, but in each of them there are well-established techniques:

  • Stroking;
  • Vibration;
  • Rubbing;
  • Kneading.

it is Worth mentioning that to start a massage is soft, delicate movements that go from a more dynamic and strong, and at the end again, in smooth and soothing.

Beneficial effects

it is Known that massage is a panacea for many diseases. no exception. It well resolves the problem of the skin, smoothing difficult wrinkles, eliminates traces of acne vultures, and hated all of double chin, improves skin, gives the face a natural color.

When to abandon a visit to a massage person?

Like every any procedure, facial massage has its restrictions. Better not to massage if affected activity of the facial nerve, there are fungal skin diseases, herpes, or eczema. Massage is also contraindicated in individuals with cancer, acute cardiovascular diseases, hemophilia, and acute viral infections.

If you want to always look young and fresh, then visit the procedure of facial massage in Spa salon Kiev and feel its healing effect. Your skin will Shine fragrance natural, lose a couple three years and I will give you the confidence in your appearance every day.

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