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the condition of the car is the main requirement driving comfort. To protect yourself on the road out of trouble, you need to undergo regular technical inspection and care for your vehicle. A serious risk could cause a malfunction of the steering system (rack). Car brand VW Polo Sedan was designed by German engineers for our road conditions.

But whatever reliable was not the machine, it requires periodic repair and maintenance. The steering system is the Polo Sedan is the most discussed topic in the network from the owners of Volkswagen car. Some write that they began to hear unusual noises, especially when driving on bad roads. The fault can occur in any part of the system: the steering wheel, the rod ends. To avoid costly repair procedures, you need to undergo periodic technical inspection in the service center with special equipment. There is second method is with your hands. This method involves the complete replacement of the rails, and only the bushings. Thus, you will save money on automotive workshop and extend the lifetime of the master node.

Structural system steering sedan Volkswagen consists of the following elements: steering column, electric amplifier, the gear rail. During operation often fails the last component.

Cog rail is the oldest automotive mechanism, which still has not lost relevance. Considering our roads, there is a rapid wear, which is very difficult to diagnose yourself. So experts every 100 thousand kilometers is recommended to undergo a technical inspection.

a Similar procedure is better to entrust qualified professionals.

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