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1-I game (console) the console appeared back in the mid 80s, but even now the popularity of such devices is still high. On the market almost every year there appear new device from one of the manufacturers, which promises gamers a plethora of new games + better graphics.

Given the high price of "new console", the best option that gives you the opportunity to save money is to buy gaming consoles b/(by the way, the announcement of their sale can be viewed on the website ). Thus it is necessary to consider several points, which we will discuss further.


Buy a game console b/u

If you plan on buying a game console b/you have to decide with the following details:

  1. Performance. Everything is simple: the higher it is, the better, because you can run on your console more new games. The most powerful today is the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, which is equipped with a HDD from 500 GB to 2 TB, and 8-core processors. They "go" even the most "tough" toys. If new game you not particularly interested in, then you can purchase an older console, for example Sony PlayStation 2;
  2. Format. Now game consoles released in 2 formats: portable and stationary. Almost all stationary models require mandatory connection to the TV, but the portable console has its own small screen (the most famous portable consoles is PSP and PlayStation Vita;
  3. Games. On modern consoles you can play almost the same game as on PC. New game consoles come out much earlier than on PC, that's why the price of "console" games are often several times higher than PC games. It is true there it has its moments. For example, a few months after the premiere, become available discounts, and to buy the game can already be 70-80% than the beginning;
  4. Services. All manufacturers consoles, without exception, offers the customers a variety of unique services that are designed to updates, multiplayer games or download new applications.

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