Buy gel Polish Kodi: what is the significance of a budget alternative to expensive shellac

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it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a girl at least once not in demand now tested the service for gel nail extensions or a less drastic variant is characterized by remarkable resistance design using gel Polish.

the Increased popularity of the latter methods in which reigns shellac, the invention of the American company CND, is due to the visual appearance obtained decorative coating of the nail plate and its immunity to many types of home mechanical effects, like scratching with sharp objects.

This trouble, destructive to regular nail enamel gel varnish is not terrible. Not on whether this result of treatment in a nail salon service dreams of many ladies?! Because sometimes the only thing that stops many of them, the comparative cost of such services.

the Nuances of savings without compromising durability gel Polish

a Lot of ladies, well schooled in nail design, prefer to do the gel manicure yourself. This method is suitable if you do not want a complex version of the pattern and for those who have sufficient experience in the application of decorative coatings, although the gel material is in this aspect less capricious than the acrylic. Even more will be able to reduce the cost of your own manicure at expanding the horizons of choice for the brand. Do not have to focus on the notorious shellac - thirsty little worse on the properties of alternatives to makes sense to buy .

Materials submitted under this brand are not expensive products, CND, and the resulting coating, when properly executed, will be different from shellac is that over an experienced professional. More than 2.5 hundreds of shades decorative gel material Kodi create a variety of choice. To try on new shades of favorite gel Polish and combine them to your liking it will be able indefinitely.

the Choice of a suitable gel material: what to consider

Ease of application, resistance to different types of negative impacts, the absence of toxic components or unpleasant smell when you use are some of the advantages of the materials from Kodi presented in the web store another well-known manufacturer of products for beauty-service - Staleks. To those who dare to order the required products from here, not face the risk of running into fake or insufficient quality of the product.

we must Not forget when making a purchase all the components necessary to apply and consolidate the gel coating. In addition to the decorative material, this top, a base, a suitable liquid for removing gel and degreasing of the nail plate. For those who have no such device, it is recommended in the online store Staleks to buy nail lamp - led or conventional UV.

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