State clinic vs private hospital: Where better to be treated?


Reusable needles, the widespread prescription of antibiotics, glass syringes, overcrowding of clinics, the use of folk remedies, enemas, lack of medicines, the passage of instrumental diagnosis or the huge queues to pass the requisite tests, and more thankfully, in the past. Today, medicine is totally different. And even despite the still low quality of domestic medicine, it is step by step moving toward world standards.

Now doctors have excellent opportunities for obtaining a high level of education, including abroad, they are not afraid to introduce new techniques and technologies that make it possible to improve the effectiveness of therapy, and is also 100% open to experimentation. Next, we consider the comparison of state and private medical institutions and tells us about it chihradze Alexander Konstantinovich - the member of the medical center "NEOMED" is known .


City hospital or private clinic?

In public hospitals, to this day, staffed by physicians of the old school , but in private hospitals have long said "no" to the Soviet approach to the treatment of various diseases. Now private medical center is no longer a luxury but a vital need, because here you can obtain expert professional advice and individual and safe treatment of existing diseases.
Basic "+" private honey. centers:

  • by appointment;
  • maintenance of patients is at a high level;
  • the use of innovative techniques that give the ability to fight even the most neglected or rare diseases;
  • the availability of all necessary tools and diagnostic equipment;
  • thorough sterilization + very attentive to the safety of the patient and the doctor (use only disposable tools for fence materials that are needed for research and for patient examination).

Know: in private clinics, the reception often are the same experts that work in the public hospitals and clinics, but only 1-neither of the best doctors. The main reason for this is that private medical institutions, valuing your own business reputation, try to hire only checked frames.

If we talk about modern drug therapy, the slope then put it on the treatment, and not on healing. Thanks to the technical and intellectual progress appeared less toxic and more effective drugs which help to overcome the disease faster than before and the good doctor often is aware of them.



Summing up, we can say that any patient when choosing the medical institution and the doctor can use the Internet fortunately, today there are a huge number of websites that allow you very quickly to do it.

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