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TV project Dom2 is a continuation of another project, called Home , was published from 01.07 till 02.11 2003 on TNT. House 2 is the longest TV show in the history of world cinema, as a result, it was included in (The Guinness Book of Records), the Guinness Book of records. This body project is a domestic "Santa Barbara". Next, we consider the most interesting facts that happened during the project and will tell us about this chief editor of the site, which can directly read the latest
and to watch the latest series.


Many of the participants of this reality show went to prison:

  1. Rustam Solntsev (For illegal possession of a vehicle);
  2. Cyril Komarovsky (After he left the show, then working in real estate company committed fraud);
  3. Alexey Adeev (he was detained on the set in July 2005, putting forward the charge of fraud. Later, the court sentenced him to 4.5 g with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime);
  4. Michael Podorov (In March 2010 he received 16 years in prison for drug possession);
  5. Anastasia Dashko (Suspected of conducting money scams);
  6. Vyacheslav Popov (he was arrested in August 2006 in Syktyvkar for the illegal purchase and possession of narcotics);
  7. G. Jikia (Implemented fraud in the auto business);
  8. Mikhail Terekhin (In connection with bribery and fraud against him opened a criminal case in may 2011);
  9. Elena Berkova (In June 2011 she received 3 years probation for possession of drugs).

6 participants of the teleproject House 2 died:

  • Kristina Kalinina (the participant of the project during the period: 03.03 on 16.03.2006) 02.06.2007 died of heart and kidney failure;
  • Oksana Aplekaeva was killed 09.09.2008, it was found strangled to death;
  • Oksana Korneva died in a car accident 08.01.2009.
  • Peter Absetzen died of cancer 20.10.2009;
  • Vladimir grechishnikov died in 2009
  • Andrew Cadets was killed 24.12.2010 (he inflicted 14 stab wounds).

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