Stem cells: 3 main innovations of 2017

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today, probably, you will not find a person who has not heard about stem cells (aka: cambial, parent, progenitor cells). Now their research has been a huge number of scientists all over the world. A feature of these cells is that they become part of any tissue of the human body and also transform into neurons or epithelia. As a result, doctors are able to make them exactly the cells that need them. This process you can call whatever you want, but not simple.

Today we will talk about 3 the most interesting novelties of this year in the area of cambial cells, which is directly connected with them, namely:

  1. primordial cells grown from children's teeth;
  2. the treatment of leukaemia;
  3. regeneration of the brain in people who were directly diagnosed his death.

Tell us about this - the initiator of the project "House of innovation": that brings together startups, entrepreneurs, scientists and creative people.

Stem cells from children's teeth

- Igor Yankovsky, the majority of people believe that if they lost a tooth, it is no longer any good. So is this really the case?

- fortunately, it is not. Moreover, the enormous popularity now enjoys the possession of missing teeth, and all because recent studies have confirmed that the pulp contains precursor cells that can help an adult again to grow your own teeth instead of implants and crowns. By the way, the best effect is the person will bring his personal stem cells are a valuable source which are teeth. It is likely that in the future these cells can be applied for any other purposes that is why you should keep remote indigenous and fallen baby teeth. However, to store them it is necessary not just on the shelf, and in the special conditions.

leukemia Treatment

- Igor Yankovsky, what can you say about the treatment of leukemia, with the help of cambial cells?

- let me Remind you that leukemia is a type of blood cancer, the development of which starts in the human bone marrow, i.e. in that place where born and the stem cells. As is well known in traditional therapy of this type of cancer includes radiation and chemotherapy, but in 2017 the doctors from the UK have managed to cure 2 children from leukemia, through the introduction of their donor stem cells, previously genetically modifying them so that they were able to attack cancer cells. This technique has a 1-in minus - needs a lot of preparation time, however in the near future doctors want to create their own Bank of stem cells, which if necessary can be used by anyone who needs it.

Regeneration of the brain in people who were directly diagnosed his death

- There are reports that using stem cells want to restore dead brain. What you've heard of Igor Yankovsky?

-In theory, the primordial cells to actually transform into cells of any tissue of the human body, including brain cells. Recently, scientists announced a new project in which they plan to regenerate cells of brain tissue from twenty patients who died immediately after the injury of the body. The purpose of the experiment is to check whether it will recover if the activity of the CNS of these people. Of course, it will not resurrect the dead, but it is likely that will be invaluable in the development of new therapies people who suffer from degenerative diseases, as well as people residing in a vegetative state.

- thank you very much Igor Jankowski for providing the interesting information and see you soon.

- good luck and good health!

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