Why orthopedic mattress – is it beneficial?


Orthopaedic mattress is a great product. However, to afford it, not everyone can. The cost of branded even the most budget models is quite high.

it is Important that in contrast to the classical configurations are not purchased for the interior and not for farce. This is a health oriented product. In the development of mattresses are participating doctors, specialists who conduct more research and verification.

the output is the product with the following characteristics:


    the Mattress adapts to the body shape. Moreover, the article remembers the usual position of the body and retains the geometry on individual parameters.

    High price due to sector-specific materials. Filling and upholstery are applied hygienic and environmentally friendly cloths that don't absorb dirt, fight bacteria, and in particular does not smell.

    Structure of an orthopedic mattress is a set of independent springs. On the one hand it allows to make the coating elastic and soft. On the other it protects the mattress from premature wear, if you break one spring.

    These models are favorable for those who are struggling with problems of the spine. This is the best means of prevention.


Buy from professionals guarantee longevity products

the Company Konsal offers professional support. Sales are conducted from the face of leading brands. The range includes models designed for long term operation. The average shelf life of an orthopedic mattress brand type up to 10 years.

the storefront are always new models. You can choose the mattresses size, age and weight.

According to the website: bestmatras.ru

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