Cartier watches: Why buy?


Cartier (factory watches and jewellery) was founded in France in 1847, the legendary jeweler Louis-Francois Cartier. But already twenty years later, Cartier introduced its products at the world fair held in Paris, and as a result they started to gain popularity. The unprecedented success of the factory Cartier brought the 1st wrist watch "Santos", which was created by the grandson of the founder of TM as a gift to his friend, the daring Aviator Santos-Dumont.


Cartier: History

Release wrist Cartier jewelry watches, decorated with precious stones, began since 1906. Ten years later, the model was created Honorary Tank (by the way, they continue to produce to this day, and in its original form). In honor of the battles during the 1st world war, the celebrated clock, made in the form of British tanks, was presented to the military of the US as a thank you for the reconquest of France.

In 1925 at the International exhibition of modern art held in the French capital, jewelry Cartier was introduced in the 1st of the Central exhibitions and aroused great interest of visitors. Also, factory Cartier known for creating the 1st gold watches Pasha. This model is with high water-resistance made especially for the chief Pasha of Marrakech, so that he could swim in his pool.

In the mid-twentieth century a Menu divided into three parts, though then again was United by the new masters, and her stores were opened in than twenty countries. Now you can buy in Paris, Rome, new York, Shanghai, Tokyo and many other cities. Incidentally, In Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries also have the opportunity to buy original products of this world famous TM.


Luxury and tradition Cartier

watches Cartier (both female and male) are very popular in all corners of our planet that's already 160 years. Now on sale are various models of this brand, starting from minimalistic to traditional to ultra-modern and luxurious. Men's watch is represented by ten collections, and the women - 12-d.

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