From the UPS INELT: Why buy?


the Life of modern man is largely determined by a variety of electronic devices and equipment. Every year we consume more and more electrical energy that is supplied to our homes through power grids. Meanwhile, many of us are familiar with the situation, when the outlet voltage abruptly disappears. All those devices currently have been connected to the mains stop working. This situation only at first glance may seem harmless and ordinary. In fact, even a short outage can lead to serious malfunction of the appliance.

the quality of electricity taken to be judged by several parameters, among which of particular interest are frequency and voltage. For they have long developed specific standards and GOSTs. Meanwhile, the deviation of the power parameters from nominal happen regularly. Currently, for the protection of all consumers are advised to be mandatory to include in the total chain special uninterruptible power supply. These devices are able not only to align the current data, but also to maintain the health of the equipment at full power outage.

Bespereboynik industrial and domestic purposes offering a domestic manufacturer of INELT. The development and Assembly of uninterruptible power supply company has been doing for more than a decade. The company now offers functional device that can ensure the functionality of the powerful hardware in every situation. INELT the device from working successfully throughout the country. Moreover for the convenience of customers in many regions have opened their corporate service centers. INELT is the maximum protection in any conditions.

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