Automation for gates and her choice


at the stage of selection and purchase of the gates there is the option of acquiring an automated system, after the installation where life will be much more comfortable. No need to get out of the car, the touch of a button and easy skatyvanie the yard and into the garage. Automation in Saratov it is possible to choose , to determine what is suitable for: swing gates, sliding, roller, sectional or roll, regardless of where they are installed in the private sector or in industrial enterprises.


will Appreciate the automation of European brands:

  • Automatic Systems (Belgium);
  • the
  • Genius (Italy);
  • the
  • Sommer (Germany).

For all characteristic of excellent quality: fast operation, quiet operation, smooth running, reliability and durability of use in any type of climate and modern design. Design of automatic systems is improving every year with the introduction of innovative technologies, new materials. Part of the systems universal, which is very useful when selecting and exploitation.

control system accessories: security accessories - photocells, control panels, signal lamps; a device channel for remote control of the gate; for the gate control units; actuators and remote receivers. Without electricity, the gate opens manually. In addition to comfortable use for entry and exit from the site, automation is a means of protection from intruders. Wide range of variety always gives rise to questions. They can answer professionals phone call to the site of "Portal".

approach to the selection of automatic systems should not determine the cheapest price, a miser pays twice, a proverb accurately reflects reality. European products can be somewhat higher in price, the comfort and reliability of use will pay off.

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