Stem cells

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stem cells

Now very can often be heard mentions about stem cells. And views are often contradictory.  At the same time, question is very actual because is mentioned healing from such terrible diseases, as for example cancer, AIDS, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Stem cells and their obtaining.

stem cells

Stem are called unspecialized cells, which do not belong to the skin, or to the bone, or to other tissue cells. They are needed for replacement of sick and dead in tissues cells. And when a stem cell stands to the place of a dead cell in any organ, then it takes on the perfor mance of all functions of this cell. But the whole uniqueness is in the mechanism of replacement with stem cells - its the same for all sy stems and organs of living organisms. With the help of the replacement mechanism of stem cell occurs a natural recovery of the organism, including the complex nervous system.

Location of stem cells.

stem cellsModern scientists have found that stem cells are in almost all tissues and organs of living organisms.  By source of obtaining stem cells are classified into three types: embryonic (ESCs), fetal (extracted from abortive material) and stem cells of adult   organism. ESCs are the most used in practice to treat many diseases. But studies have shown that embryonic stem cells can cause cancer. So now everybody over the world are switching to use stem cells of adult organism.
stem cellsScience has proven that own stem cells are not able to harm the organism. On the contrary, nature has endowed stem cells by enhanced resistance to infections and various external damaging factors, such as radiation. In addition, stem cells accompany the organism all its life, but over time their amount in each organism is decreased.  In the young organism stem cells are actively working and restore the organismstem cell, but in old age more and more diseases attacking it. Noticeably reduced number of stem cells already unable to cope with the protection of organism nor from diseases, nor from aging.

Stem cell therapy.

stem cell therapyAllocated or grown in laboratory conditions stem cells inject into the organism. There, they begin to work actively to restore organs and sy stems. Thus, occurs a rejuvenation and healing of the organism. Stem cells have not yet cured of such a serious life-threatening diseases in the later stages, as cancer, AIDS, and hepatitis. stem cell therapyThey just sustain life. But it is clear that having studied the potential of stem cells, it will be possible to get rid of currently deadly diseases.

Treatment by donor stem cells.

stem cell therapy Treatment with stem cells of your own organism has higher priority, but in some emergency situations there is no time for their growing, for example, after a stroke or heart attack. Then the only solution will be to inject  donor stem cells into the organism. As well treatment of genetic disease is only possible with the use of exactly donor stem cells. Treatment with the donor's stem cells gives a positive result only with careful study of the state of the organism, quality testing of donor cells and also the strict control of the experts of this area of medicine.
Stem CellsDiscovery of stem cells has allowed medicine to make a big step forward and it gives hope to hu manity for a healthy and active life until old age. But then arises the question: if eberybody has the stem cells, then why everyone is being ill? The answer lies in an unhealthy way of life, in a bad environment, in the endless stresses and so on. Stem CellNatural amount of stem cells simply can not handle with created by man devastating factors. Just for this, additional amount of stem cells, which will help the hu man organism to live fully in such adverse conditions, are injected into the organism. It should also be understood that this direction, has started to develop and explore only recently. Stem CellA cell biotechnology - is a very expensive direction, both in terms of research and in terms of practical application. Therefore, the day when stem cell therapy will be available at a cost for a wide range of people, is still far away. While in the West such technologies have already been often applied for the treatment.

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    lory - 24.11.2012, 15:41
    It is a gift to man, this cells can cure man from any diseases but stem cells are not yet good studied.
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    Pas - 27.11.2012, 03:19
    Steam cells realy have great healing power, but also they can hurt.