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Causes of raptovo sopinka serta

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Yak Podolia Internet journal of sarcevic zakhvoryuvan : "view from the past three msata vdoma person (cuddya the Supreme court Antonin Scalia, Frank Snatra-molodshy I ComC Garr Shandling) raptovo died, not deplaces for those scho stink sdavalsa absolutely health. The reason I smart - TSE Raptiva zupinka serca (dosit poseren and not navti of peredacha)".

Naybilsh of polirani type raptovo smart - TSE Raptiva zupinka serca, Yak nog (but not always) villicana Seraphim Naadam , each cardiologist Cons crandall.

Raptiva death - is the death from prirodnih reasons push stroke years after. symptoms when swako, and push stroke 24 hours, if poterli CCB alone or detergents. Head cause raptovo smart , Raptiva zupinka serca, ABO SCA. Won trapletti have 326,200 osib I shortno to 90% of them vmirayut, if TSE vdbase for mezhami the hospital.

the Death of Scalia, Snati-molodchogo I Sandra Bula POV'yazana s Seraphim Naadam, ale TSE not United reason raptovo cercavo smart, each crandall, group programs include s transplant serca in Palm Beach Gardens. Ot MIF raptovo about supinka serca polega in fact scho vrahuvati victim nemozhlyvo. Ale duzhe often I know of people who have yakih Boule oznaki, although the stench, perhaps, not vyzyvali h , each crandall.

the data nedavnego dozen, about have polovini people, yaki postrazhdali od SCA simptomi naprawd z'yavylysya for misyats to sopinka serca. Naybilsh posinenie symptoms Buli

  • BL in the Breasts;
  • sadisco;
  • zaporoshennye;
  • nebritost;
  • ABO prisorine of carabetta.

Osnovne causes SCA:

  1. Sertsevyj napad. Pid hour Demba clot can povnistyu blokovat problem grow to ODN s golovnih coronary arteries serca. Through nestico crow heart pochine bitica nebezpecna it quickly, and Yogo lower part pochine Tremiti in irregular rythm (fbrica slunecka), scho Mauger, supinity potik crow to Moscou. Death can statisa it quickly, if not witi zachodu dwellers vdevice of carabetta;
  2. Bartrina cardiomyopathy. Inside of 1, 500 osib z vyyavleno bertrice cardiomyopathy (HCM). Won Mauger statesa s clogo a number of reasons (high crow of any tisk, starna, diabetes, ABO nod zacharovanna sitewide salasi). Nod TSE vdbase s Newcome reason. If Molod people stradaut from raptovo of sopinka serta, then, as a rule, the reason zakljuchaetsja in HCM;
  3. Ledeneva Ebola. TSE reprove blokowania ODN s of Ledeneva arteries, bezposrednio in leenah, usually through a blood clot scho otvoris in the legs. If a blood clot to dosit great, VIN Mauger, prescolite blood flow z prawa, Chastain serca I do not dati crow paraplate in legen. TSE Mauger lead to sopinka flow, shock I raptovo smart;
  4. Aneurysm aorta. TSE sdutta stinky arter. Yakscho TSE vdbase in art (head Archer, Yak postach shelter from serca to NSO, Chastain TLA), Mauger vilicity matovu vnutry cromatico, scho lead to rskogo padna crow anago Tesco I smart.

Raptovo death through sopinka serca often uvajaut demenocal, ale TSE not always so. Axis be called a few more tips, Yak I zapote:

  • for the Correct harchuvannya. Navti nasicon ?iri mozhut lead to timchasovogo suurenna coronary arteries;
  • Regular ficn right. The people that lead malorosii method of life, more Shilin according to nebezpechnih for life cercavo-sudini zakhvoryuvan;
  • Sorcini medicine look around dopomozhe vchasno of postaviti diagnosis I spend profilaktiku.

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