Courses: How to choose?


most Likely, many of you have repeatedly begun to learn English. Initially in high school when "homework" was quick to make itself right before class or to write off someone of his classmates, and then at the Institute, where it was possible to get lucky at the session or to get out on a pair. And in the end, get a job, you've come to the conclusion that in reality but: "London is the capital of the UK", you do not particularly know. In this case, the time - to enroll in English. But what courses you need: intensive group, English for beginners, individual training, preparation for TOEFL or IELTS? This is what we tell the school of foreign languages "English Planet", which can be booked in Kiev.


What courses to choose?

This is the 1st question that arises in the mind of each of us. Today, English lessons are very popular, which is why there is nothing strange that companies offering such services, there are a great many. The main thing is not to panic. In fact, to make a choice is not difficult. Sit down and think in a calm atmosphere. Decide on what criteria you are going to choose English:

  • the courses were easy to reach directly from work?
  • the school was close to your house?
  • That the price was adequate?
  • if teachers were citizens of another state?
  • So as we were a group of few people?

these issues will have a direct impact on the final choice. In addition, you have to decide what English you need. There can also be a couple of options: for beginners, intensive, preparation for TOEFL or IELTS, individual tuition, etc. Go to the websites of language schools, read reviews from people (but not on the official sites, and other resources), if something not understand you can always call the language school and ask questions that you are directly interested in it administrator.


don't delay

Sometimes to enroll in English is also difficult as a dentist. Like you need it, sometimes very urgent, but you keep postponing it, though I know that will only get worse. So you need to do. The most valuable resource, which is owned by the people, especially in the present digital age, is time. So not worth it to waste!


Conquer yourself

When a person falls directly on the lesson in English, often, it is quite stressful. This happens for various reasons (first of all - it's an unknown situation and strangers), but don't worry, you will soon get used to it and everything goes "like clockwork".


Do yourself

the more people will watch various TV series, films and videos, and to read additional literature in the English language, the faster he will know English at the appropriate level.

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