IP-surveillance: What it is?


Today, the number of people who heard something about IP surveillance, every day is growing rapidly. Next, we consider the information you read you will understand what exactly it is.

In the modern market there are a couple of methods of how to build a system of IP video surveillance. Symbolically they can be divided into three types:

  1. IP (i.e. the observation which is carried out solely in digital format);
  2. analog (in this case the source is an analog camera);
  3. hybrid (in this case, the source signal are both IP and analog devices).

is nothing but a surveillance system, which is based, primarily, are IP cameras that transmit, in turn, packaged the data. The system IP-surveillance is able to have both a distributed and centralized structure, which in turn is determined solely by the properties and structure of the LAN.

System IP-surveillance: What it includes?

In such a system always includes the following components:

  • IP-camera, which acts as a source;
  • that controls the display and recording;
  • a Computer platform managed by the OS;
  • LAN, which is the infrastructure to transmit various kinds of data.

Key features:

  1. the low cost and easy to install and run the system itself;
  2. ever-decreasing prices PA computers;
  3. a wide range of IP cameras that are available in the market;
  4. digital quality monitoring, which is not degraded during its transmission;
  5. the ability to use existing infrastructure of SCS (structured cabling system) and local area networks;
  6. the ability to run, organize and maintain the whole system remotely.
  7. large selection of admin. ON, the ground under different tasks;
  8. a slight increase and expansion of the system.

All of these factors provide IP video surveillance the growing interest and tremendous popularity.

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