New rules of certification of teachers

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Under the new rules had abolished the 2nd category, well, the very attestation of her teachers instructed the educational authorities at the level of subject of the Russian Federation. 1 in every 5 years every teacher that has no category, regardless of experience and desire to work should be required to pass certification in order to confirm the compliance of his position.

And those teachers that want to get the highest or the 1st category, instead, can apply for certification to determine compliance of their professional skills requirements that predyavlyat to the qualification categories (assigned to the teacher directly for five years, and on the passage of this time it will be necessary again to confirm your skills in the same order). By the way, be prepared to attestation the attestation prepodavatelyam will help that can go on the website

If the teacher does not confirm in time your own category, then it goes away. Then:
the pedagogical worker of the industry of the 1st category will be required or to apply for certification for assigning the 1st category, or to pass certification to confirm its compliance in a General manner.
the pedagogical worker of the industry of the highest category will be required initially to attentuates the 1st category, and only 2 Islands he would be entitled to get higher.

Another innovation is that abolished the rule according to which the teacher spent 20 years in the profession, for life assigned to the 2nd category. Now such teachers are required to be certified every 5 years.

lastly we can say that the certification is:

  • optional;
  • voluntary.

the Mandatory certification is carried out every 5 years, so that the worker pedagogical sphere could confirm their compliance with the occupied position.

Voluntary certification is carried out after application of the employee pedagogic sphere in order to establish its compliance with the qualification requirements of the highest or 1st qualification category.

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