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a Long downswing, the opposite condition in the game. In the first place is lost our money. And secondly, lost money of the table, we could have won.

What kind of a curse. Really so or are we overreacting? Or is that poker has become so? What to do if it becomes clear that earnings at the table stopped?

Poker psychology: use your advantage

the point is that we are great players with vast experience and a win-win in the past suffered the downswing. And the reason for this normal variance. Thus we begin to doubt our abilities. Also changes thinking in a negative direction. That will affect the game. And in the end, the paranoia reaches such a level that we haven't got in the game, and are already set up to fail.

Our thinking has not the slightest connection with hold cards, especially not as they are not affected. But the negative attitude still doing its job, that's the psychology. And when we brought the case in the game where you have to play VA-Bank, we will Pasanen, because the brain will think about defeat and failure.

the Downswing useful?

It is unlikely. Well, the essence of it there. Now I will try to explain on the fingers. When a player has a good card, he was always lucky or at least he does not lose a lot of money. It is used to good quickly and forget that they have to work on myself. And there are players who have always practiced and especially with setbacks. So don't worry about the downswing because it will help us to become more experienced players, well, it always goes a white stripe. During the black strip the player has the time to spend learning something new, analyze the mistakes you made, in no case do not attempt in this state to gamble in poker.

poker is a game very interesting and mysterious, which is a lot of uncertainty. You should always be prepared to lose, and to win. The most important thing is to raise your level of play and gain experience. Need to learn more tactics and strategies to watch the games of other good players and collect useful information. In General, poker is a game where all the time you need to improve, what I wish.


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