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Removal of Tartar with ultrasound is one of the integral parts of the overall oral hygiene. No matter how we tried, anyway, to avoid the appearance of Tartar is not possible, even if you brush your teeth every day, several times in the mouth there are the hard to reach places (between teeth, the inner tooth surface), where a standard brush can get very difficult.

First, it will be only soft plaque, to get rid of simply, even at home. But over time, this plaque transformered into Tartar, so to speak, "basementideas". We have used this verb, indeed, calculus is so durable a substance that can destroy it yourself without damaging the teeth you are unlikely to succeed.

Removal of Tartar with ultrasound is the destruction of the shell, so harmful to our teeth. Why harming? Yes, because under this rigid cement armor creates an almost perfect environment for germs and bacteria that can easily do his dirty work, leading to destruction of enamel and, as a result, to decay.

Usually the cost of such ultrasound procedures is calculated for one tooth, the average price is 100-150 rubles. In addition to the destruction and subsequent removal of Tartar dentists often recommend immediately undergo a teeth whitening procedure called AirFlow. Although bleaching is can be called only at the final render process in fact, there is polishing of the tooth. Nevertheless, the effect is very good. The procedure of ultrasonic removal is very fast and painless.

And finally, the final stage of coating the teeth with a special paste, which maximally reduce the sensitivity of teeth. The fact that ultrasonic cleaning is one unpleasant feature teeth after her for some time become especially sensitive to stimuli of the type "heat-cold". Although the cleaning procedure is painless, some time after her possible discomfort, to alleviate that and is the application of specialized pastes.

it is Worth remembering that a frequent repetition of the cleaning procedure of the dentition is not recommended. The optimal number will be carrying out this procedure 2 times a year, given the fact that the patient is the primary daily care for the oral cavity.


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