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Many people pocevsi about Skoda online Igor, not popsat this write. The stench capitoul: "Yak W Skoda stink meni zavdayut, if I pogrow times, I Psov piti tea? NACO whichever mene no, I vzagali nsentence all TSE". Tak markuvannya tipov I stink pokazhut, Yak little mi znamo about online igri. Hardly Chi Ludin come to mind, scho gra - TSE is not fantasticni world, and the System Verve eco sharable on gravcar. Let's podyvimos online GRU za posits a vlasniku. Mi Palacio bagato covich and hour I facts scared about that we respost editor , any can free of charge pagrati online igri.

If developers from storyurl online GRU,, natural, scho stink pragoti to dwellers won brought dohd. For tsogo need perconti koristuvach vlasti GRU realin money. The Yak lyudin semusici vddate a couple of hundred dollars for grow cnnot? For tsogo need... schob lyudin was fallow from Gris. Sama. If Gras STA other ittiam person, won ready witricity velik Sumi pennies on komfortne sovanna have virtualni realnost. Of course, je design, in yakih zarobek not state on the pershoho f, the first project for rotronic not business and job. But, firstly, these little Igor, and in another, I in them ye thousands zaleznik gracw scho vladut GRU velik Sumi pennies. Chomu well salesnet from online-Gris, Selina, than from singlovi? Snout be called a few more of the reasons for this EVISA, about that I at once respawn:

  • real it person of Mauger not predstavljati iz himself ACUs znacku fgure, the game won STA gerom, which, skamo, snidu monstru I rate world from evil. Natural, pobyvavshiy to Tacoma in, Ludin vzhe not duzhe something I want povertetsya in realnosti, Yak it seems I crow I nabagato straight ahead, Ben zivoy. Man, all more hour to spend in the game, I kinoti , STA all voice I voice;
  • Virtually realist razvivatsa 24 years na dobu apartments. That person is guilty witricity to dosit bagato hour, dwellers normally "rosoideae". For example, the "average" koristuvach of Warcraft vitrata to GRU from 4 to 20 hours a day. Man pochine postijno, dumate about GRU;
  • For bagatoh gracw Gras yea not tilki Rosugol, but I neopaganism zasobom zarobki. Really, produce gold in WarCraft, you can dosit Neogene zarplati. In this case kinoti grati STA on the order skladisce, Yak dovedetsja shukati much Nova source zarobku.


Mi bacimo scho salesnet from online Igor Mauger Buti really strong. In this case man is ready, take a look around to Gerti zaradi vigarano realnost. If gravity pobachiti in MAGAZIN super-sword, that vsogo for 100 dollars will give yomu seryozno Periago, then, likely, he postaratsa zabezpechiti sobi more comforte sovanna. The problem is that, that sword soon slams and MAGAZIN pounce speeches for realm money. I people, "that pereselilsya" virtualni world, eager for TSI the way kupuyte, vddci Groshi rozrobka.

of Course, what baslc gracw, that not stradaut on salesnet from Gris, I don't vladut in ne money. Hello I stink prinosjat rozrozniamy the'na koryst, Yak zbrisati number gravz on server scho poznakomica popularnost on Gris and on nteres for NSA koristuvacha.

So, online-gra # hi Chim him, Yak Pribytkova bsaam. Yakim bi zivim I shoplouk not the CCB bi growi world, VIN is likely in for zarobku on Yogo "mestanza", that, unfortunately, not swartout uwagi to Qiu just Stino.

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