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no matter How perfect the technical means is not a modern car. sooner or later the time comes when the owner is forced to part with it. The causes of this combination of circumstances abound: from a natural desire to purchase a newer and more economical car, to impossible to restore it after an accident or an urgent need for a large sum of money. In any case, the traditional approach to selling a vehicle is very rarely a quick and financially advantageous. The company AvtoVikup offers everyone in Dubna, Moscow and Moscow region , as well as used, broken and credit cars.

a New approach

Anyone to sell their car on the secondary market goes to the auto market, or tries to put an ad on thematic Internet sites. So he can have personal contact with a potential buyer and rely on the declared price. But in most cases this approach leads to long waiting, numerous phone calls with questions and attempts to buy a car at a lower price, regardless of its actual value.

If the time is off, then in such situation you can wait, but what to do when you need money today or tomorrow or a car associated credit obligations to have serious injuries after an accident, etc? Numerous dealers can help, but the amount is clearly not in favor of the owner. The company AvtoVikup pursues a comprehensive approach to repurchase vehicles. We do everything officially, and that is why the client has nothing to fear.

For the transaction you need to make a few simple steps:

  1. to apply for a ransom. This can be done by one of the contact phone numbers or by filling out the Express form on the website of the company;
  2. the
  3. to Obtain a provisional estimated value of the car. The calculation will be approximate because it is based on a short information (make, year, condition, mileage, etc);
  4. the
  5. a Provisional sum, our Manager will announce during a phone conversation and then we can negotiate about the arrival of a professional appraiser. Check-out is completely free for the customer. After visual inspection and inspection of the car, the calculation of its final market value;
  6. the
  7. If the client are satisfied, the execution of all necessary documents and payment of money.

Immediately make a reservation that the service is urgent redemption involves the payment of 90% of the appraised market value of the vehicle. Agree this is more than a bargain, given the fact that everything is official.

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