Why Boxing?

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Almost all people before the onset of spring/summer it is thought that his body should be put in order, because during the winter it was worn significantly different holidays (New year, Christmas, etc.), and the lack of movement.


What to do?

After realizing what a figure it would not hurt to tighten up the logical question is: how can I do that? . Time to think here not necessary, because there is tried and tested protizhenii many years method, namely the gym.

But the majority of people don't even understand the difference between figure skating and hockey, naively believing that exercise with weights (strength training) will make them in a matter of days like athletes on the cover of magazines and TV screens. This opinion is erroneous and, ultimately, the wrong way for the development of physical qualities, which is not able to bring the desired result.

In this case, the best option is a comprehensive harmonious physical development. This can be achieved by combining different kinds of loads. The best option here will be a Boxing lesson. Moreover, in Moscow, the Boxing are not uncommon and you can find a suitable gym close to your home. For example, it is possible to go to the club "Moscowboxing".


Why Boxing?

the vast majority of people associate Boxing with head injuries and serious illnesses, which is their direct consequence. Can't argue with that, but this happens in 99 % of cases, professional boxers, and those who are involved simply for myself do not need to participate in real fights and get the hardest shots.

Pushing this stereotype and looking at the sport with an open mind, it will become clear that you can receive from it more benefit than harm. Boxing aimed at the full development of such human qualities as:

  • Endurance
  • - Speed;
  • Coordination;
  • Power;
  • Response;
  • Technique.

Everything from a huge list of exercises used for training in Boxing make its own contribution to the physical development of man and the strengthening of his health. Therefore, do not waste time - sign up on the box!

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