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today, Boxing is the most popular form of martial arts in the modern world. The history of the sport conducts its count from the Ancient Egypt, continues its development in Ancient Greece and medieval Britain, well, great success is developing today.

If you are the winner of one of the most important fights in Boxing, then you will be guaranteed success and the world glory, which else since the childhood dream of every boy. To replace the legendary boxers (Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones and others) are coming more and more Champions.

For example, Ukraine has glorified such as boxers Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko, Viktor Postol, Oleksandr Usyk, Vasyl Lomachenko; Russia - Sergei Kovalyov, Denis Lebedev and Alexander Povetkin. A legend of women's Boxing was the Ukrainian Alina Shaternikova. Next, we will talk about the main advantages of Boxing and tell us about it Shishov Igor - coach club "Moscowboxing", where you can sign up for .

the Advantages of Boxing over all other martial arts

Now the sections of Boxing sparingly fighting is strictly regulated. Thus, in the sections for children the coaches pay special attention to security combat training and discipline of the pupils.

All the punches in Boxing is applied strictly protective fists in special gloves. By watching an experienced match judge, ready to stop the match failure to comply with the rules. In modern Boxing schools spend 3-ri - 12-round fights. Victory boxers-professionals are assigned when you commit to a referee injury, which makes it impossible to fight on a ten second knockout. Also, the battle is finished after all rounds.

What you can learn in Boxing section?

Modern Boxing clubs have a rich history. They are professional trainers who can train visitors of any age. Classes in Boxing, everyone can:

  • to learn how to strike;
  • to develop coordination of movements;
  • to create striking techniques;
  • to learn how to defend themselves.

Today Boxing is more popular than ever before, so don't waste time and sign up in the section and it is possible that after a few years the world will see a new legend!

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