Zahist ABO embellishment?


Yak pomiritsya not have viber seasoing ocular? Scho oznachayut figures I h capital letter on the temples? On the TSI zapitannya vdova spivrobitnyky wholesale Internet-shop .

BROUGHT scho garstka ultrapolite prominent state postojati not only scra, but I swetaketu loom surovogo aparata. In fact spelt LTN dni Scalia perebesti without ocular not only on the beach or on provided, but I just walks on vulitsi. Z nsogo side, not possible without consumer postijno cristobalite darken eyepieces - TL fashion perform to scho razvivatsa swfloader. The fact duzhe it is important to correctly pdirty I potreb an sonntagen okulary.


Navso stink to you?

FOR a start it should be viznitsa, navso stink potribni you. Yakscho stink you need, as a stylish accessory, almestica kosmetycznej eyepieces, scho included to perelka such standartnih Grup, Yak Cosmetic Lens. The stench mozhut Buti duzhe expensive, but niyak not sahamati from Sonyachna promenu. Zabezpechennya Zahist against UV bocinas s Ls a groupie General, that ye themselves prinyatymi for NASA serednia of smugi. And Tim, hto is often virgae in visokog I ABO on puder, de, and ultravioletly, Spektr takozh , " sin promen scho . nebezpecne for ljudsko stcwiki, it shukati much sectoin okulary High UV-prevension (high Stupina Zahist).


De-recorded information?

IF you kupua okulary on rinku ABO have torgovca in the subway, I Chi VI will znaydete .. And axle as a more important optichrome salon to the product also dodata Chi passport s neophane data, Chi potribni domest navigatsia on label ABO Dogz ocular. There obov'yazkovo Pavin bootie figures, that zaznachayut, hvili yakogo spectrum settimout Dan konkret lnsi.

Can I kirovtsa national standards zabezpechennya scho garantuoti SpectraLink vimoh. However, Nashi standardized scho zatverdevaniya in hlyboko radensk chasi, basnage zastarel. That better Orti on requirements NSIH countries.

in particular, Velikobritanii TSE BS 2742, Low DIN 58217, Austral - AS 1067, and in the US ANSI Z80. About those scho okulary problem sama there Svit names frmi on vnutri storoni bow. On etickets product Pavin bootie Kazan the povna', and also the phone manufacturer.

And the axis if you proponuyut frmo okulary s markuvannya made in... Canada, USA Chi Great Britain, prohodite smilevo, paws - okulary z such parmacy to roblets if not Tal ABO Turissini, vzhe exactly Kita ABO in Malays.


About color

PROSORT LNS not got znachennya: Sklo Mauger Buti mayzhe protrim ale but not propositi zhodnogo ultraviolet vipraha. For usually occu on Prout horos LSI toil neitralni, korichneviy I zelenovato-bury vddci, ale Nikoli not blakitniy ABO followi, that propuskaet sin Promin I spotvoryuyut colors swotor. I scalini Chorny color, that wtamu Ochi. General Chim Solana the company-the manufacturer, Tim Mensch won SMMU natural color, Bo TSE Rossy the attention of every person. Not so long ago ophthalmologists chapalita over the head, if in fashion CCB naseeni of yellow color, that perepugu stcuk eye I perform to so called optickeho stresu. Rogev orange vddci, to words, the Ter is not Koren for nervoua system, then green, on the contrary, bespokoyat Nervi I sneeuwt tisk.

Before class actnic ocular otnosatsa, chameleon , ABO okulary s polihromnyj lsame scho smut stupni propuskanija plastic whichever from Oswin, and also okulary s polyarizovannymi lsame, except that the barrier UV neutralzone wbblite on Wed, snhu ABO on Mokry road safety. The stench duzhe trocn for vodu. By the way, for Avtomobilist vypuskayutsya I gradusova glasses - mask, they have darkened only the upper part lnsi scho zahida Ochi od verhnego plastic headlights I dozvola baciti prisadova panel.


Tilki slopes

BAGLIVI also material, s yakogo vegetable lnsi. TSE guilty Buti slopes, not plastic, that propuska ultraviolet. However, at once began vipuskat doskonale plastikov okulary zi special additives scho settimout UV vipraha, that is, not dwellers pomiritsya, required kupovati okulary in stores, oznameni spectrophotometer ABO special tester, that doomgate vinciti, propuskaet LSI ultraviolet light Chi hi.

Vibrati priyatno model , make reconciliation between your bagsforsale. Know scho snice guilty rostropoviches the exact center of the folding. Ale General in usamu legend has Karaites I Vlasna ntutu. By the way, Nadin, accn bezpecne for eyes sectoin okulary costout not less than $ 50.

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