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anyway, the brand remains a brand both online and offline. But the creation, development and promotion of a new brand in the Global Web has a number of differences. Tell us about them, the company's founder : which is promoting various business projects (offline and online) and personal projects (Writers, Singers).

Technology to promote a particular brand in the Global Web should directly take into account the specifics of the target audience of the website of this brand. Thus, when creating a brand, logo, symbols, often need specific corrections and adjustments when compared with those that apply in the offline environment.

However, to date, these differences gradually leveled because Internet users are becoming more and more people and as a result, between online and offline audiences often you can safely put the " = " sign. Well, already in the process of promoting a particular brand in the Global Web, there are more differences.

the Main focus is on optimizing or creating the future and the promotion of the web site brand + marketing communications, i.e., online advertising in its various manifestations.


Basic methods of online branding:

  • Contextual advertising;
  • Marketing in social networks;
  • Media advertising;
  • SEO (search engine optimization);
  • PR-articles;
  • reputation Management in the Global web.

And this is not all the methods and functionality branding promotion websites. Ways that are also very often the demand is:

  • Analytics and consulting (provides an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses of the brand in the Internet, as well as helping to create specific recommendations for future development);
  • audience research and market niches (give an idea about the company's customers, as well as the specifics of its operation);
  • viral marketing (which is the ideal technique to promote an online store);

together they represent a comprehensive online marketing, combining effective branding along with a Internet profit of business and increase in sales.

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