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Our capital is the largest, most populated and fastest growing city in the country. Here is concentrated the economic, financial, scientific and state capacity. About 3 million inhabitants and guests of the city live in the colossal rhythm of the metropolis, which every day, every hour is filled with various events. Whether it's a small meal, wedding, corporate seminar for all of these events requires a separate and preferably a large area. That's why search query "rent Kiev" enjoys such great popularity.

When a lot is a problem

Organization of an intervention always depends on its level and requirements of the customer. It's one thing when we are talking about a small provincial town, where the events mostly happen the wedding, Yes the corporate events. Here and rooms just two and obchelsya, and demands a special sort of not. But in Kiev, life goes on in a very dimensional way and sometimes the level of conducted meetings, seminars or feasts requires appropriate conditions of landlord.

fortunately, the number of available rooms and their contents are enough to satisfy any need. However, this diversity is a disadvantage, because the wider the choices, the harder it is to do. Everything in this case, you need to do is to seek help at a company KIY.

Our offer

She specializiruetsya on conducting business training, professional, leadership and strategic qualities of individual leaders and entire communities. But, that's not it, and the fact that the company owns a country property that is perfect for your organization:

  • Press conferences;
  • the
  • Workshops;
  • the
  • Business meetings
  • the
  • Negotiation processes;
  • the
  • Training;
  • the
  • networking events.

For the needs of tenants and offers 4 halls with area from 40 to 85 sqm that can accommodate from 16 to 60 people. Each room must be equipped with all necessary for comfortable stay and constructive dialogue, appliances: air conditioners, projectors, TV-screens, chairs, tables.

One of the essential attributes of any event is a lunch or dinner. This complex Ukrainian village is also no problem because it offers a national cuisine restaurant.

to fully appreciate the advantages of working with us is in person, but pre-arrange everything by phone or leave a request on the official site.


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