Intrauterine insemination: essence and perspectives

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Birth of a child is one of the most joyful and memorable events in the life of any couple. Unfortunately, every year the number of those men and women who are being diagnosed with infertility is growing. They can't conceive the natural way however many attempts have been made, but despair not worth it. For many the real way out of this situation is artificial insemination. One as close as possible to the natural methods which is in the centre of assisted reproductive technologies Polyclinic №3 UDP RF depends on the complexity of diagnosis.

When the method?

Those who are faced with infertility face-to-face, well aware that this disease comes in many different forms and degrees of manifestation, which ultimately affects the choice of the methodology and its effectiveness. If to speak about intrauterine insemination (IUI), it is used in the following cases:

  • a history of cervical factor . This is a situation where formed in the cervical canal mucus is too thick to maintain the normal movement of sperm. Is achieved by introducing the latter as close as possible to the zone of contact with the oocyte in the fallopian tube;
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  • Low mobility of the sperm themselves. In this case, the problem is solved by pre-selection of the most active groups of male germ cells and their subsequent introduction into the cavity of the uterus;
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  • Obscure the Genesis. This is a situation where the diagnosis does not reveal neither men nor women have visible pathology, but a natural way of fertilization still does not occur;
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  • Physical obstacles. Effective practice of VMI is observed in cases when one partner is not physically able to have children: disability, the effects of trauma, genetic pathologies, etc.


From a technical point of view, VMI is simple enough, but a prerequisite should be the ovulation period in a woman recipient. If not op one reason or another, perform artificial pharmacological stimulation. Also, purified sperm, the introduction of which is performed using a catheter directly into the uterine cavity.

the Chances of the success of IUI depends on many factors, but they are much higher if the woman's age does not exceed 36 years and there was no history of complicated urogenital infections.

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