Electric Hybrid from a domestic manufacturer TM "HYBRO"


New heating ceramic Hybrid panel is the future of heating! Electric stove TM "Hybro" combines powerful heating and an infrared heat panel. is the new appliance with patented technology in the industry of energy-saving technologies.


Main advantages of infrared ceramic heaters Hybrid:

  • heating rooms these panels is performed by means of a soft heat flow, creating a special comfort in the room. In comparison with thermal curtains, heat fans and radiators-saving energy consumption is min 20 to 30 percent (this is especially clearly seen in the case of multi-tariff payment for electric energy);
  • High durability, reliability, explosion safety, fire safety;
  • Directly during installation of heaters HYBRID in preschool, children's facilities (bedrooms, playrooms) greatly increases the comfort of cantate children, as well as reduced their exposure to a variety of respiratory diseases;
  • safe for children because the device no protruding parts and he has a low surface temperature;
  • These panels do not dry the air, does not burn oxygen and does not raise dust.

Device ceramic infrared heaters HYBRID

In these panels use 2-VA of the principle of heating that is a new tradition, which is based on experience in the industry of energy-saving technologies. A unique feature in the device panels HYBRO is the use of the housing and ceramic heat storage with polymeric coating, allowing directly otklucheni temperature sensor power supply for a long time to give off heat.


Security IR ceramic heaters TM "HYBRO":

  • Panel HYBRID almost not afraid of anything they are not afraid of overloads in the power grid, dirt and dust;
  • Metal case is a protective screen which removes electromagnetic radiation directly from the surface of the panel;
  • eco-friendly materials, no odor, quiet operation - all electric panel displays TM "HYBRO" in the category of most safe electric heating!

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