How to learn to do massage?

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the Most effective type of massage is a massage using oil. Remember that undamped skin will directly hamper easy sliding of the masseur's hands. By the way, in Minsk to learn how to massage you .

Often applied in vegetable or mineral oil that is applied strictly in his hands.

the Right choice of position during your session + a good preparation increases the effect of the massage itself. In this case, girls will not experience any discomfort, and the therapist does not get tired. In addition, we must avoid very bright lighting, otherwise it will fall into the eyes of the massaged person. In such circumstances, the person will tense the muscles in the eyelids with it even with closed eyes.

when Choosing a place, it is necessary to pay attention to calm and quiet, as it is very important for the massaged. People should 100% be sure that during the s?ance room no one goes in. This is very important, otherwise it will not be able to fully relax.

Another significant point is that it is also necessary to pay attention that the temperature in the room. So, if massaged will freeze, then the therapeutic effect of the massage will drastically drop to "0". The optimum temperature stavljaet min 27 0 C. Better from the beginning to achieve 100% comfortable feeling, than after trying to warm the massaged during the session.

at hand one must have clean sheets. During the session they you can cover the parts of the body massaged, where massage is not carried out. The surface for holding the massage should be firm and smooth.

Before beginning the massage, be sure to pay attention to their own hands. Massage hands must be warm, but the nails should be trimmed. If massage long hair, then it should take care lest they interfered with his work. For work it is better to choose lightweight loose-fitting clothes, so as not to create movements any obstacles.

Core massage are the movements of the hands. What the massage therapist more you love, the more perfect will be his equipment and the more techniques he will learn.

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