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In practice that people did not buy, he is willing to pay than less and get more than. And heating systems here are no exception. Thus, manufacturers of solid fuel boilers for knows this and therefore tries, often, to overestimate the power, time of burning and other characteristics of the boiler. You ask: "why do they inflate these settings? How to choose the right boiler to optimum capacity?". These issues are rooted in 1 well the thing is the profit (money).

In the case indicated in the data sheet parameters, manufacturers can always "translate arrows" on the installation of the boiler and the quality of the fuel. That is why conscientious manufacturers a comprehensive approach to the design of the heating system, implementation, installation, commissioning and post warranty maintenance of the boiler. Better to buy heating equipment in safe places, one of which is .

Choosing a boiler must correctly interpret the principle of redundancy (reserve power that can ponadobitsa with a sharp thermal needs). For example your home cool, or you come to relax at the cottage and you need to warm up. Here lies the whole secret, in order to heat the building energy need much more than to support a predetermined temperature. Need a power supply of the boiler is somewhere between 20 and 30 percent, though there are also cases when the desired stock in the region of 200-300 per cent.

in addition, we must remember that the cost of the boiler is also affected by the presence of certificates, patents, and other necessary elements.


Directly when selecting a solid fuel boiler need to answer ourselves the following questions:

  • how often the boiler will restart?
  • the
  • how much space there is for the arrangement of the boiler itself?
  • what budget of purchase of the boiler?

to summarize in the choice of solid fuel boilers it is necessary to highlight the following points:

  • Your pot should cover the need of heating system warm as min 20-30 percent;
  • it is Necessary to clearly imagine the whole process of using this boiler;
  • the Cost of 1 kilowatt in different types of boilers to equalize not worth it.

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