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Types and characteristics of a selection of dildos

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Despite the technical perfection of modern intimate toys, the first samples of the same condoms and, oddly enough, the dildos began long before the beginning of a New Era. Naturally, they differed from the shape, materials and method of manufacture, but essentially it does not change certain elements of sexual games existed then. The current samples are naturally more diverse and functional, besides to buy them quite easily without even leaving home. Just go to the link to the online store EROSHOP and select the appropriate instance.

what to look for?

the Process of choosing a Dildo or vibrator is not as simple as it seems. The issue here is not the variety of shapes and colours, but the real technical equipment of a specific model. So immediately to determine what is required, is unlikely to happen, especially if there is no experience of using such intimate toys. However, there is a simple selection algorithm, which takes into account a few basic criteria:

  • Material and shape;
  • the
  • Functionality;
  • the
  • the Size.

What material is better?

turn the pages of the online stores erotic direction, at least briefly acquainted with the characteristics of the present models of dildos, you can determine that the list of materials used is wide enough. Here you latex, silicone, gel, artificial leather and soft plastic compositions. They differ among themselves not only by price, but also the senses.

For example, a conventional plastic models are relatively cheap, but the full experience from them is clearly inadequate. By contrast, silicone and gel compositions are perfect replicas of human skin up to temperature regimes, but are more expensive than others.

as regards the shape, the simple plastic models have a smooth cylindrical form, while the silicone and gel perfectly repeat the outlines of the penis. There are also intermediate options, with the qualities of both groups.


Not less interesting is the stuffing. The most striking example is the vibration module, powered from independent sources of supply. It causes the Dildo to vibrate, to move, greatly increasing the degree of orgasmic sensations.

other features include special nozzles or forming elements, which are used for parallel stimulation of other erogenous zones (G-spot, clitoris, etc).


This is perhaps one of the most important criteria because it takes into account the anatomical peculiarities and preferences, to whom it is intended. Here you need to focus on individual feelings.

finally, whatever the choice, in favor of simple plastic or expensive silicone, you must be sure to use lubricant.

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