Waste: what is it?


Trash has 1-they as distinguish from directly other types raw materials. the Essence is in that, that exists option re processing, preventing to new paper products, packing different types, various materials for insulation, and and roof output.

Is application, b/have paper, provides significant savings tree (it and have advanced material, apply with production different products from paper). today day, almost in all developed countries world no exception, thanks use paper, enterprise producing paper + other types products from it, able in production get no small absolute substitution especially valuable rocks tree directly resources.

Today all known, that trash is guarantor save forest, and and opportunity significantly save. All 1000 kg recycled 100 % paper, gives we option save to 4 cubic meters tree valuable rocks, and save in alive 1-but tree possible all thanks 0,1 t recycled.

1-but from main qualities paper products - is that, that re processing may be produced not edinazhdy, and some time to row, with this all time output, takes new types raw materials, able, in my queue, successfully apply in future.

Directly use paper products (their most), with different prom., admin. and other. enterprises + commercial points, trash transported in points receiving mainly in rammed as. To example, available http://paperon.EN.

Except of, welcome paper is and directly and have the population. for of, to collection paper had more more active development, was created system, that would would stimulate pickers this most paper, main challenge that is create organized collection, meticulous sort and subsequent sending large it parties directly processing, ongoing in factory conditions.

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