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the Process of sweating is a natural for most warm-blooded organisms, including humans. It plays a major role in thermoregulation, based on the reflexes of the sweat glands. In other words, if it's hot and increases the body temperature, through the sweat glands secreted the secret to lowering. Everything seems to be logical, but in some people this process goes beyond the norm - so formed pathology, called hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive sweating. This clearly affects the comfort of life and forcing people to look for ways and means to solve the problem. In this case, you should pay attention and read (Dry-Dry).


the Composition and characteristics effects on the body

Aerosol Dry-Dry was developed and produced in Sweden. The main active ingredient is aluminum chloride, with a strong dehydrating effect. Concentration in a mixture of denatured alcohol is about 30%. I must say that this high content of salt is mixed opinions, but clinical trials striking negative effect was not shown.

the Principle of operation consists in forming on the basis of aluminium chloride combined protein complex. Falling on the surface of the body, it narrows the lumen of the glands and distributes the production of sweat in the other, less problematic places. The aluminum-protein complex is absolutely harmless for human body since it does not penetrate in the subcutaneous layers. The effect lasts for 10 days, and, regardless of whether one accepts water procedures or not.

Applying the antiperspirant is not recommended for adolescents under 18 years of age and women during pregnancy and lactation. Apply it is necessary not more often 1 time a week on completely dry skin. At the point of impact, there should be no irritation or damage.


Composition series

a Series of deodorants for body Dry-Dry consists of three main products:


    Dry-Dry Original. Aplikatory deodorant with maximum effect. Harmless, eliminates the local pockets of sweating and the associated odors;

    Dry-Dry Sensitive. Roll-on version of the deodorant which does not contain alcohol. Ideal for sensitive, Allergy-prone skin;

    Dry-Dry Light. Another option is a roll-on deodorant, which combines the positive effects of both previous products.

Proper use of deodorant dray-dray allows to achieve a measurable effect in the absence of negative effects on the body.

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