Why should rest in Anapa?

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Every year Anapa attracts in the order of 4,000,000 tourists that come here to improve their health and relax. Priezzhie come to Anapa with children who were created all conditions for excellent rest. With a population of 150,000 people, Anapa easily accommodates a huge number of tourists and it's all thanks to the numerous mini-hotels, hotels, resorts, and cottages. With such a variety of accommodation you are sure to find something that suits you. By the way, http://villaggio-hotel.ru you can pick up a suitable hotel, so that your memorable and comfortable.


What is Anapa so attracts tourists?

Many tourists from all over the world have long recognized Anapa is one of the best resort towns in the whole world, evidence of which is the appropriate diplomas. There are 200 resorts, each of which has experienced doctors and modern diagnostic center.

Then you can cure anything: diseases of the cardiovascular system connective tissues, musculoskeletal, respiratory and digestive organs, etc. Except for special therapy, treatment also contribute to marine sand + unique climate. Well, bright and warm sun that shines over 280 days a year, for many months to come will nourish your your body with vitamin D.

Anapa is located in the South-West of Russia and has direct access to the Black sea and the Azov sea from here, too close. At 70 km there are beaches that are covered with pebbles or sand. They start at the Caucasus mountains and stretch to the Taman Peninsula, where meet the above-mentioned 2-VA of the sea.



priezzhie come into the city just in order to breathe sea air, sunbathe, swim in the sea and just to have fun from the heart. For these people there is a huge number of hotels of various classes and sizes. There is a small economy class hotels, where you can take a shower, relax and prepare yourself to eat, and there are luxurious hotels where everything is provided.

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