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Blue-eyed husky make a strong impression on every person who one day saw them. This species is very popular right now, but sometimes, huskygetting husky, the potential owners do not take into account many details, because of what further appears frustration and dissatisfaction with this dog.  What you should know about the representatives of this species before you buy them, whether it is permitted the content of these dogs in the apartment, what are the features?
husky dogThey are often confused with laikas and malamutes: make sure that you are buying exactly husky, because they significantly differ with behavior  from the above species, although superficially they are quite similar. Its the oldest breed of dog, Chukchi and Eskimos were the first owners of husky. These dogs are of medium size, with a sharp, like a wolf, muzzle.  Siberian HuskyThey possess a beautiful rich wool and bright blue eyes. This are unusually frisky and lively dogs, which love their masters. If you dream of a handsome husky, its preferably to weigh all arguments, whether this breed will suit for you, do not forget to take into account your living conditions. 

On what you should pay attention

1) Dogs of this species were originally breed as the rideable - to carry their masters or some cargoes for long distances. pack of huskyThey are unable to be a companions on a hunt, if hunting is your hobby, it is better to choose another dog to escort. They have not developed any guard or protective instinct, you should not expect that such a dog will be defender of owner or apartment: husky are friendly not only to their owners, but to all the people around. Attempts of some dog handlers to unlock their aggressiveness ended sadly -  dog mentality was spoiled and they becoming dangerous for surrounding people as well as for the owners.

2) It is worth mentioning unpretentiousness of husky in terms of residence, they are able to take root in apartment conditions, and in a private house. husky dogHowever, the important point is that: these dogs are frisky and movable, they need long walks and thorough physical activity. Huskies differ with intelligence and curiosity, they love the "intellectual" games such as frisbee. Are you ready to play a lot with a pet, to make long walks three times a day, running for long distances? If you can not satisfy such a dog needs and spend much time on your work  – we do not recommend you to establish husky and leave him to suffer alone in a closed flat. Representatives of this species poorly tolerate a long-term absence of the owner.

3) It is known that Chukchi (the first owners of husky) considered it necessary to feed their dogs only in the winter, in the summer they transferring them into "self" feeding: husky dogscatching of small animals in the tundra. In this regard, on the walk you should closely observe for the husky. Sometimes they attack cats, small dogs and birds. Being in a rural conditions they exterminate chickens and other domestic animals. Going to the street with such a pet, you have to be on the alert, or he can escape and later bring the "trophy" - strangled cat or pigeon.

4) There is a small flaw of aesthetic character: at the ripe old age blue eyes of husky loose color, their color is approaching to white. It seems that elderly pet has two walleyes.
Siberian HuskyBut these dogs also have bright advantages. They are very beautiful and original, most people very like their turquoise eyes and wolfish grace. Husky bite people only in exceptional cases, such as: when people tried to re-educate them, simultaneously breaking the animal's psyche. At the movable lifestyle of their owner, these dogs are becoming curious and merry companions. Since the husky are similar to wolves, they do not bark. These dogs love all family members. They generally love each person!
Husky will be a real friend for the active, cheerful owner, who wants to get a lively, quick-witted, but sometimes wayward and disobedient dog.

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