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Hazel eyes

Meeting new people, you always want to get more information about them. Sometimes it is impossible to make only after prolonged dialogue. In some cases, a person's character remains a mystery. A little more about the man will tell his eyes.

Black and brown eyes

brown eyesDark- eyed people are inborn optimists. They are very energetic, never shrink from the troubles and problems, respect the risk and gambling. At the same time passion is boiling in them. To family they are quite demanding. Can sometimes crossed the line of what is permitted. Are very fond of attention - are in desperate need of it. Despite their violent activity and energy, can easily take offense, finding  insignificant reasons for this.

Hazel-green eyes

Hazel-green eyesHolders of such color of eyes are quite calm, reasonable and wise. They know how to listen to the interlocutor, to commiserate, to empathize. Their friends will never doubt in their faithfulness and devotion. Because people with hazel-green eyes will not let down. Set a goal for themselves they always reach it, applying for this maximum efforts. Love calmness, tend to spiritual balance and harmony. Try to avoid conflict situations, solving problems peacefully.  

Green eyes

green eyesGreen- eyed people know how to bypass conflict situations. But they have their own principles, from which they don't back down. They are very stubborn and persistent, due to what they know how to achieve their goals. Always look on the surrounding world realistically, are aware of its advantages and disadvantages, perceive them quietly. Externally these people seem to be excessively proud, but in fact they are soft and gentle. Perfectly understand in people. Distinguished by high requirements to surrounding people.

Gray-green eyes

Gray-green eyesPeople with gray-green eyes are realists. They have will power, but rarely use this quality. Most often, they fail to achieve their goals. The second half they choose with heart, live with a person only on the big love, giving all the tendernesson on which they are capable. But with opponents and enemies such people are ruthless.

Gray eyes

Gray eyesGray- eyed people are different with kindness, but many of them seem overly dry and callous. The main feature of their character is honesty. Look at life with a practical point of view. Are distinguished with mind and poise. Never come in the wake of their own desires. From them are obtained good workers, because they giving their all for labor.

Gray-blue eyes

Gray-blue eyesThe depth of blue-gray eyes speaks about honesty and calmness. People with such eyes have clear mind and well-developed imagination. They are no different with special sentimentality, remain faithful to loved ones. You can safely rely on them in the most difficult situations. Decisiveness is the main character trait, which helps to defend their own interests. People with blue-gray eyes know how to listen and give good advices, but particular warmth and tenderness are not presented in their character.

Blue eyes

blue eyesThe blue colour in eyes speaks about vulnerability of the soul, a dreamy character. Blue- eyed people are the real romantics and dreamers. But they differ with some cruelty. Sufficiently demanding to surrounding people. Some people are exposed to depression, strongly worry on any occasion. They have most acute mental pain. Especially it concerns talented representatives.

Eyes are the lakes of the soul. Because they most truly tell about a person's character. You just need closer look at their hue. This is quite enough to find out about the interlocutor a little bit more, that he says himself.

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