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For example here are some successful traders. right away i shall make a reservation, that these traders are fictional characters.

Dmitry is involved in currency trading in certain international banking organization. He works with a long-term positions in the cash (spot) market, based on global macroeconomic considerations. stock exchangeAlmost the entire day he is talking with traders of hedge funds and banks, and statistically analyze the major countries and regions of the world. He can call chartering volumes and rates of export/import of most of the world's largest ports and can easily talk about monetary policy, debt levels and interest rates of any country. Just a few ideas a year bring profit. Dima lead trading not often, but when he trades, then opens very large positions. stock-marketThe essence of this method of trading is a network of consultants which provide the necessary information. He never makes a decision based on short-term price fluctuations. State of the markets, in his opinion, reflects the inflows and outflows of capital occurring as a result of decisions taken by major central governments, foundations, banks.

Andrew works a market maker on the S & P 500 market (electronic futures). Andrew is involved in trades the whole day, most often makiing sale above the market and requests for bids lower than the market. His aim is to make a profit on a spread by selling ofers and buying bids. stock exchangeHe does not often hold the position longer than a minute. He is an aggressive trader. His world is restricted with lightning changes of demand and supply in the market. Trading is a poker. He watches over great traders, their actions, tracking the volume from trade to trade, and tries to determine when they hold weak or strong cards. trade on the stock exchangeHe avoids thinking about the market, when he leaves a job, in order not to bloat his head. He believes that in motion markets are lead by the actions of financial institutions and major players trading daily. His work is in order to predict their intentions and actions.

Alexander, in leisure time moderately trades shares, using models of momentum. The term of his deals - from three to four weeks. At the weekend, he analyzes a large number of graphics, studying own universe of firm's shares with micro capitalization in search of information regarding subjective forces of movement and trends of volume. trade on the stock exchange Shares, with which he is involved in trading are awarded the interest of very few analysts. He does not have the ability to closely monitor the actions of one or another firm in general. He knows only short-term regularities of stock trading. He particularly gravitates to shares of firms caught up in the central part of the recent events and have experienced sharp price variations. Sasha achieves the greatest success, earning on volatility of the stock of small firms during the end of the publication of unexpected events or financial statements. traderHis shares are weakly dependent from major market indexes. He has developed flair to the pattern variations of the index of commodity capital, and applies it to the time selection of the entry and exit. Holding positions for many weeks and limiting the time spent near the screen - here are the principles of his work. His work is - to catch the moments when the mood of the market changes and to make money on trends.

Julia studied the market on the basis of historical data and determined, that the trend in the securities markets, which have a fixed income, depending on their weakness or strength of the initially morning session. trading on the stock exchangeAs a result she found a programmer who based on these data made algorithms of automation of work with 30-year bonds and 10-year treasury bills, which eliminated her from the necessity to sit before the monitor the whole day. Julia's goal lies in order to diversify her own risk, taking part in the trading with basket of securities due to her own systems. Trade does not induce her emotions. Julia believes that markets are always developing, so you need to constantly improve trading systems. She is a scientist who tries to make the discovery.

This is probably the four most famous types of traders who are successful in trading on the Stock Exchange. However, each type has dozens of sub-types, which allows safely to say, that anyone can find a niche in which he can confidently trade.

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