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By itself, water does not have the nutritional value for the body. However, it is a direct member of all biological processes. Melt water, glass of water Water - is the universal solvent of large amounts of minerals, nutrients, nitrates and pesticides. And as everyone has long been known, the human body depending on age  by 70-80% consists of water. Unfortunately not every water will carry the same benefit .

Today we will try to understand the impact of melt water on our bodies.

glass with melt waterOne of the main features of the melt water is that it does not contain deuterium - a heavy element that causes significant harm to the body, suppressing all living things in it. Deuterium is almost not absorbed, taking a huge amount of energy in us.
Researchers have found that even a partial removal of deuterium from the water promotes the release of large energy reserves, in this case vital processes of the human body flow noticeably better.
glass with melt waterOne of the useful properties of the melt water lies in the overall rejuvenation of the human body. Damaged cells actively begin to be output and on their places are formed young cells. The aging process is slowed down. No accident that many centenarians of the planet every day drink slightly mineralized melt water, which flowing down from the mountain tops.
glaciers melt waterIts necessary to drink melt water immediately after the ice has melted. This water can be used for cooking of various dishes, upon heating it will lose some of its medicinal qualities, but this will not prevent it to remain crystal clear. It should be noted that keeping of melt water at the temperature of +20 ° C is accompanied by the loss of its biological activity and already after 16 hours it is reduced by 50%. 
melt water, iceFresh melt water raises the immunity, increases resistance to infections, accelerates the recovery processes, raises the tone of bronchial muscles, as well as significantly reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membrane.

How can you make this healing water at home?  

In fact, there are about a dozen different ways. We will examine with you the easiest and the most popular of them.
meltwaterFor this we need a plastic container. Volume does not matter, it all depends on how much melt water you want to make. The container must be filled with water for about 85% of the total volume, then you should tightly close it by lid and put in the freezer until complete freezing. Water can be taken even from the tap, because eventually it will be equally useful.
Unfreezing takes place at room temperature until there will remain ice slice of the walnut size. Its necessary to get out this slice. Exactly it contains all poisonous substances, including deuterium. Defrosted water retains a maximum of useful properties no more than 8 hours.
melt waterIn the medical purposes you should drink such water every day for 30 minutes before a meal (4 times a day, during one month). Quantity of the water that you should drink per day must be calculated as 1% of your body weight. Dosage should be gradually reduced.
For prophylactic purposes you should drink melt water for one glass in the morning and evening.
By its structure melt water is approximated to the structure of the human cell. This allows it to easily saturate the whole organism with energy. Drink melt water every day, and you will notice how your body becomes healthier and younger.
Drink and be healthy!

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