Tutor of French: how to choose?


as a French Tutor is optimally chosen based on recommendations and reviews of the people that had already dealt with a particular teacher and stayed 100% satisfied with the results they have achieved. Given the relative novelty of remote method of teaching foreign languages to choose a tutor this method is used very rarely. To help in this case comes to the Internet. Today there are many websites where you can find a tutor in your desired city. So, for example, if you need to Barnaul, you can find it on the website www.rc-barnaul.ru.


How to choose a tutor of the French language?

academic staff of companies providing tutoring services in the field of studying of the French language, often included:

  • students of pedagogical and language Universities;
  • graduates of pedagogical and language Universities;
  • academics; and
  • native speakers

Next, we take a closer look at each of these categories.



Successful students in the last years of linguistic universities and also the future graduates of pedagogical and language Universities. They start teaching, even from the 3rd - 4th year University directly after completing the internship (and preferably in France). By this time all of them have good level of language proficiency, as well as the pronunciation (both in terms of knowledge of grammar, and in terms of spoken speech). The choice of Tutors from this category 100% justified for people who are starting to learn French, because they are guaranteed to receive excellent quality of teaching, but the cost of the services of the tutor in this case is much lower than in the case of a qualified tutor.



Professionals with a diploma, which he studied at the pedagogical and linguistic universities in Russia now teach French in different Universities, colleges and schools, and we have a huge experience in the role of conventional and remote tutor.



the Teachers of higher education institutions that have different academic degrees, candidates and graduate students linguistic and pedagogical Sciences. Many teachers from this category is continually go on refresher courses and internships in France. The majority of which has a different international language certificates and diplomas. To choose a tutor this level advisable if a person has a very strong basic knowledge, and he has the desire to improve your level of French.


the Speakers

Native speakers, who mainly live in France or in other French-speaking countries. Remote lessons with Tutors from this category will be very appropriate and effective for those people who want to achieve almost perfect proficiency in French. In this case the lessons are taught purely in French and provide an opportunity to hone the different nuances of spoken language, grammar, and peculiarities of different dialects.

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