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Development of theoretical and practical perspectives of the economy output it to the international level gave rise to the emergence of various investment projects that promised fabulous profits. Such pyramid schemes or HYIPs also exist in the digital space, working mostly with electronic currencies. In this article we will try to briefly understand what it is and is it worth to invest such funds on their savings. More specialized information on investing and trading can be found on the online resource .

Virtual or real?

most of the inhabitants of post-Soviet space, remember that a term such as MMM - the largest pyramid scheme in the history of Russia. According to various estimates, it comprised up to 15 million investors. The essence of functioning in this or in any other similar structure, is reduced to payment of dividends due to the constant injections from the outside, that is, to attract new customers.

HYIP or HYIP is basically the same, only the investment is not real and the virtual. A similar project operates in the Internet that is legal and company registration no. Another fundamental difference from the classic pyramids is an investment instrument. In any HYIP, this is done using not real money, and electronic and crypto-currencies: bitcoin, litecoin, NXT, Webmoney, QIWI and others.

Types of HYIP

investment practice typically used 3 categories of online pyramid


    Nezahodnye or long-term. This is the most tenacious projects (sometimes up to several years), which are often confused with real investment funds. The promised monthly income in this case can be in the range of 8...15%. In most cases, these indicators are linked to the alleged stock or stock trading, but the reporting as such, investors are not required;

    Medium. In this case, the payment of bonus is done daily and the discount rate is in the range of 1...3% daily. The persistence of such pseudo funds to reach six months or more;

    Vysokogornyy or short-term. It was a fraudulent projects, the promised return up to 50...60% per day. Accordingly, the useful life of these assets often does not exceed one day.

For the organization of such a project do not need a large amount of knowledge or skills. The network circulates a huge amount of ready-made scripts that require only a small correction. After that, the site Foundation is poured for a specific hosting, for him to tie a payment system and, as they say, all ahead full sail.

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