Upholstery: what you need to know?


Choice of upholstery fabrics is 1 of the most important criteria when you purchase upholstered furniture. Important that suits your specific case, beautifying and complementing the present d?cor of your housing.

This issue should be given special attention, because the service life of upholstered furniture depends directly on the quality of its upholstery. Furniture fabric is a special kind of upholstery material because they must combine the following characteristics: sustainability, density, durability, practicality, durability. In addition they must be pleasant to the touch and beautiful, adding a feeling of warmth and coziness.

the Furniture upholstery is a piece of upholstered furniture that is exposed to external factors, and is used most often. Every day the man goes and sits down on the sofa, and Pets and children are subjected to the fabric tests on a regular basis. And accidentally spilled stains: wine, coffee, tea and other liquids are an unpleasant addition to the above.

All these points to consider when choosing upholstery for a sofa. Sometimes you have to sacrifice beauty and design of the fabric in favor of ease of use and practicality. But don't be upset, because you can always find a middle ground by choosing pleasant to the touch, beautiful and at the same time durable and practical fabric. All that is necessary is to possess the correct information regarding upholstery choices for upholstered furniture.


And so, all upholstery fabrics can be divided into 2-ve categories:

  • non-woven (nubuck, flock, microfiber, Alcantara);
  • woven (velvet, chenille, jacquard, tapestry, etc.).

So, in woven materials - the fabric (tapestry, jacquard, chenille) woven pile coverage or it does not, in turn, nonwoven fabrics, pile coverage on the basis of applied by bonding in terms of electrostatic field.


What are the different compositions of fabrics:

  • Natural;
  • Synthetic;
  • Faux.

Main indicators of furniture fabrics:

  • Density;
  • abrasion Resistance;
  • Bilingualist;
  • the gap in the seam;
  • fire Resistance;
  • Test for colorfastness;
  • Breathability.

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