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Wholesale is cheaper and more

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If you look, modern people in their daily domestic and professional activities, simply can not do without a huge number of small and large accessories. In order to collect the entire Arsenal need time, effort and financial investment. Company Trivia Wholesale was created precisely in order to minimize these three obstacles, giving the customer need high quality, inexpensive and variety of goods.

a Little history

the Company was established 18 years ago, when about the Internet, cashless payments and online trading was not the question. The main working area of the Detail was then in Kharkiv comprehensive wholesale market, the largest marketplace for not only Ukraine but all of Eastern Europe.

We are engaged in wholesale deliveries of products for cutting and sewing, home, farmlands, areas of beauty and healthy lifestyle. Initially, the goods traffic was exclusively on the inner area of Barabashovo , but over time, there is the possibility and necessity of expanding into other markets in the country.

a big boost to gave Internet and posting on online trading platform in 2012. Reasonable prices, a wide range of products, their quality and steady performance of the conditions of supply provided the company with steady growth and eventually, to enter the international arena.

the Main goal is the creation for large and small clients around the world opportunities for the purchase and prompt delivery of goods.


the List of products which are presented on the official website of the company is divided into several main sections:


    Sewing supplies. There is a wide range of zippers, threads, needles, laces, tape, pins, scissors and other materials and tools for cutting and sewing;

    House and garden. It has everything you may need in the kitchen or in the garden, starting with sponges, brushes, gloves, and ending with kitchen sets, appliances, and tools;

    Beauty and health. Professional and household tools and materials for body care, hair, nails;

    the office. A wide range of office, school, home stationery goods and accessories;

    Textile. Large inventory of pillows, coverlets, blankets, fillers for home and hotels;

    Tourism, leisure. This section is dedicated to fishing and everything connected with it;

    appliances. Here are professional and entry-level accessories for haircut, manicure, pedicure.

Company Detail Wholesale works with most delivery services in Ukraine that allows you to quickly and reliably deliver orders to anywhere in the country.

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